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Donald Black: Dreams and Dances

Dreams and Dances

Another gem of an album from ace Celtic Harmonica player, Donald Black


Another gem of an album from ace Celtic Harmonica player, Donald Black, featuring pieces mostly drawn from the West of Scotland Gaelic tradition, plus some new compositions.

Donald is joined by the above-mentioned impressive array of guest artistes - Ross Wilson, Allan Nairn, Harvey Leckie and Trish Strain. The album has been produced by Blazin Fiddles’ Allan Henderson, who also plays on the album.

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Although the humble “moothie” is the world’s biggest selling musical instrument, it has seldom hitherto been seriously regarded in the world of traditional music – and certainly never in the music of the Celtic regions of our native Scotland; that is until Donald Black arrived on the scene!

With his own unique style, Donald has almost single-handedly been responsible for the promotion of the mouthorgan (particularly the tremolo model) as a serious musical instrument, capable of accommodating all the challenges of fast intricate pieces but also of evocatively producing all that is required in the slower more reflective works.

Donald Black’s performances have delighted audiences from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, UK-wide, through Europe - and from Moscow to Kansas City. He has enjoyed extensive radio play both in Scotland and abroad and has made several TV appearances in Scotland as well as Russia, Lithuania and Germany.

He is very proud to have been the only Scot so far to have been invited to perform alongside many of the world’s top harmonica players in 2005 at SPAH (Society for the Advancement and Preservation of the Harmonica) in Kansas City, USA, and last year he received a very warm welcome in Bristol, England where he performed to an audience of the British National Harmonica League.

Donald Black: Dreams and Dances

Dreams and Dances

Clàr brèagha eile bhon fhear ciùil cliùitich Dòmhnall MacIlleDhuinn.


Clàr brèagha eile bhon fhear ciùil cliùitich Dòmhnall MacIlleDhuinn air a' Harmonica, leis a' mhòr chuid de na pìosan air an tarraing bho dhualchas na Gàidhlig, cuide ri pìosan ùr air an sgrìobhadh le Dòmhnall agus càch.

Cuide ri Dòmhnall air a' chlàr tha luchd-ciùil a tha air ainm a dhèanamh dhaibh fhèin - Ross MacUilleam, Ailean Nairn, Harvey Leckie agus Trish Strain. Chaidh an clàr a riochdachadh le Ailean MacEanruig bho Blazin Fiddles’ a tha cuideachd a' cluich air.

Chithear lèirmheas air "Dreams & Dances" a nochd anns an Living Tradition an seo.


Ged a tha am “moothie” air fear de na h-ionnstramaidean as cumanta anns an t-saoghal, cha robh e air a chluinntinn gu tric ann an ceòl traidiseanta na h-Alba – agus gu h-àraid ceòl na Gàidhealtachd – gus an do nochd Dòmhnall Black!

’S ann air sgàth Dhòmhnaill agus an stoidhle shònraichte aige a tha an harmonica (agus gu h-àraid an seòrsa air a bheil “tremolo”) air ainm a chosnadh mar ionnstramaid a tha airidh air èisteachd ris. ’S urrainn dha ceòl luath, toinnte a chluich, ach – leis na sgilean air leth aige – thig aige air na faireachdainnean ann an ceòl nas socaire a chur an cèill cuideachd.

Tha Dòmhnall air a bhith a’ toirt toileachadh do luchd-èisteachd ann an Alba, ann am Breatainn, tron Roinn Eòrpa agus bho Moscow gu Kansas City.

Tha Dòmhnall gu math moiteil às gur e esan an t-aon Albannach a tha air cluiche còmhla ri sàr-chluicheadairean harmonica ann an 2005 aig SPAH (Society for the Advancement and Preservation of the Harmonica) ann an Kansas City, Ameireagaidh, agus an-uiridh chluich e airson am British National Harmonica League ann am Bristol.

Track Listing

  1. Calum Lamont (Reel)[2.29]
  2. The Clappers (Pipe Jigs)[3.04]
  3. Afghanistan (Lament)[3.55]
  4. Barn Dance (2/4 Marches)[3.23]
  5. Lonesome Eyes (Slow Air)[4.37]
  6. Gneil's Welcome To Strathnaver (6/8 March)[4.38]
  7. Malcolm Ferguson (Waltz)[2.53]
  8. 3/4 & 4/4 Pipe Marches[3.01]
  9. An t-Eilean Muileach (The Isle of Mull) (Slow Gaelic Air)[3.16]
  10. Gaelic Medley (Slow Waltzes)[3.55]
  11. Gaelic Country[2.54]
  12. Two Broken Hearts (Slow Sad Gaelic Airs)[3.13]
  13. Mar A Tha (The Way Things Are) (Slow Gaelic Air)[3.36]
  14. Macleods' Reels[2.52]
  15. The Inevitable Journey (Reel)[2.30]
  16. Stella's Courage (Slow Air)[2.18]