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Albums from Macmeanmna

Blair Douglas - The Flyer

The Flyer (Blair Douglas)

Brand new 2019 release from Skye-based tunesmith, founder member of Runrig, Blair Douglas.

Angus MacLeod - Slat à Coille

Slat à Coille (Angus MacLeod)

Debut album by Angus G Macleod

Arthur Cormack - Buanas

Buanas (Arthur Cormack)

A collection of new and old Gaelic songs from Arthur Cormack

Blair Douglas - Behind the Name

Behind the Name (Blair Douglas)

2016 release from the musical well of Skye's Blair Douglas, back with a great selection of tunes all with stories behind the names.

Angus Nicolson Trio - Sealladh Àrd

Sealladh Àrd (Angus Nicolson Trio)

The latest album from the Angus Nicolson Trio - Skye's Angus Nicolson and Andrew MacPherson and Glenelg born Murdo Cameron.

Donald Black - Dreams and Dances

Dreams and Dances (Donald Black)

Another gem of an album from ace Celtic Harmonica player, Donald Black

Blair Douglas - Leanaidh Mi

Leanaidh Mi (Blair Douglas)

2012 release from Skye musical genius, Blair Douglas

Na h-Òganaich - Gun Stad

Gun Stad (Na h-Òganaich)

Long-awaited brand new album from the legendary Gaelic group, Na h-Òganaich: Margaret MacLeod, Donnie MacLeod and Noel Eadie. Produced and Engineered by Simple Minds' Mick MacNeil and Mastered at Abbey Road, London.

Eilidh Mackenzie - Bel Canto

Bel Canto (Eilidh Mackenzie)

A story of songs inspired by the novel of the same name by American author, Ann Patchett.

Iain MacInnes - Sealbh

Sealbh (Iain MacInnes)

A rich inheritance

Dr Angus MacDonald - Maidean Dubh' an Donais

Maidean Dubh' an Donais (Dr Angus MacDonald)

A long-awaited second solo album by one of the world's best pipers.

Niall Matheson - The Shores of Loch Ness

The Shores of Loch Ness (Niall Matheson)

A suberb debut album by one of the nation's best pipers.

Glasgow Gaelic Musical Association - Slighe an Airgid

Slighe an Airgid (Glasgow Gaelic Musical Association)

Gaelic choral singing at its very best

Patrick Molard - Dùsgadh fir na bainnse

Dùsgadh fir na bainnse (Patrick Molard)

An album of ceol mor by the celebrated Breton piper

Calum Ross - Mu dheireadh thall

Mu dheireadh thall (Calum Ross)

Gaelic song from multi-Mòd medal winner, Calum Ross

Alasdair Gillies - Lochbroom

Lochbroom (Alasdair Gillies)

A stunning release by the celebrated piper

Donald Black - Keil Road

Keil Road (Donald Black)

Haunting traditional music on the mouthorgan, played by the maestro himself, Donald Black

Stuart Liddell - Inveroran

Inveroran (Stuart Liddell)

Stuart's debut CD was named 'Album of the Year' for 2007 by the influential website, Pipes Drums

Gillebrìde MacMillan - Thogainn ort fonn

Thogainn ort fonn (Gillebrìde MacMillan)

Superb traditional singing from South Uist

Màiri Sìne Chaimbeul - Thall an Loch Aillse

Thall an Loch Aillse (Màiri Sìne Chaimbeul)

Màiri Sìne's debut album, Back in Lochalsh

Cliar - Grinn Grinn

Grinn Grinn (Cliar)

A superb third release by the celebrated group, Cliar

Various - Northern Meeting

Northern Meeting (Various)

This double CD features performances at the Northern Meeting in Inverness by ten of the world's most successful competitive pipers

Various - Ordinary Angel

Ordinary Angel (Various)

14 mostly newly-recorded tracks by Blair Douglas, Michael Marra, Anne Martin, Donnie Munro, The Jennifer Forrest Band, Mackenzie, Dr Angus Macdonald, Peatbog Faeries, Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson and Iain MacFarlane.

Jenna Cumming - Kintulavaig

Kintulavaig (Jenna Cumming)

Superb debut album by a splendid traditional singer

Iain MacKay - Creag an Fhraoich

Creag an Fhraoich (Iain MacKay)

This superb album is Iain's second with Macmeanmna

Bannal - Bho Dòrn gu Dòrn

Bho Dòrn gu Dòrn (Bannal)

Bho Dòrn gu Dòrn features newly-recorded traditional waulking songs with a CD on one side, and a DVD on the other

Finlay MacDonald, Simon McKerrell & Chris Gibb - Highland Games

Highland Games (Finlay MacDonald, Simon McKerrell & Chris Gibb)

Some of the great pipe tunes of Scotland, played by the most talented young pipers around.

Various - An t-Eilean

An t-Eilean (Various)

An album produced in 2003 to mark the 200th anniversary of the ‘Selkirk’ emigrations from Skye

Freeland Barbour - A Winter's Journey

A Winter's Journey (Freeland Barbour)

A seasonal journey through northern lands

Rona Lightfoot - Eadarainn

Eadarainn (Rona Lightfoot)

An album from a great piper, a hugely talented singer, and a veritable treasury of traditional Gaelic songs

Mary Smith - Sgiath Airgid

Sgiath Airgid (Mary Smith)

Exceptional singing and a treasure-house of songs

Kenneth Thomson - Seòladh Dhachaidh

Seòladh Dhachaidh (Kenneth Thomson)

The first solo album from Kenneth who is a very talented and popular solo singer, and a consummate musician

Freeland Barbour - An Linne Dhubh

An Linne Dhubh (Freeland Barbour)

A delightful collection of music

Allan Henderson - Est. 1976

Est. 1976 (Allan Henderson)

Highland Fiddling at its best

Dòchas - Dòchas

Dòchas (Dòchas)

Dòchas' highly acclaimed debut album

Mackenzie - Fama Clamosa

Fama Clamosa (Mackenzie)

The second release by Mackenzie, a Gaelic vocal group of three sisters Eilidh, Gillian and Fiona Mackenzie from Gress

Cliar - Gun Tàmh

Gun Tàmh (Cliar)

Cliar's second release which underlines their superb quality

Duncan Chisholm, Iain MacFarlane & Bruce MacGregor - A Highland Fiddler

A Highland Fiddler (Duncan Chisholm, Iain MacFarlane & Bruce MacGregor)

A superb album at the peak of Highland fiddling

Cliar with Special Guests - Lasair Dhè

Lasair Dhè (Cliar with Special Guests)

Lasair Dhè is a unique collection of spiritual music

Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band - Stepping Out

Stepping Out (Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band)

Fantastic Scottish dance music from a band steeping in musical Highland tradition

Bruce MacGregor - 101 Reasons to do nothing

101 Reasons to do nothing (Bruce MacGregor)

A new album by Bruce MacGregor, fiddler with Cliar and Blazin' Fiddles, which is a mixture of recent compositions and those of Bruce's late fiddle teacher, Donald Riddell.

Chaz Stewart - The Angel Falls

The Angel Falls (Chaz Stewart)

An album by one of Scotland's leading guitarists

Donald Black & Malcolm Jones - Close To Home

Close To Home (Donald Black & Malcolm Jones)

Two Highland musicians combine to create a masterpiece

Cliar - Cliar

Cliar (Cliar)

This is the February 2000 debut release from the band, which won the award for Best Album at the inaugural Scots Traditional Music Awards in 2003.

Donnie Murdo MacLeod - Sguab is Dlòth

Sguab is Dlòth (Donnie Murdo MacLeod)

This album contains some of the most beautiful songs you will have heard in Gaelic, some of them almost forgotten, with very tasteful production by Mary Ann Kennedy.

Kenna Campbell - Guth a Shnìomhas

Guth a Shnìomhas (Kenna Campbell)

This album includes songs of love and longing, and songs which give us a glimpse of a way of life and belief, all woven together by Kenna's exquisite voice.

Jennifer Forrest and her Scottish Dance Band - The Skye Connection

The Skye Connection (Jennifer Forrest and her Scottish Dance Band)

Exhilarating music played by one of the nation's favourites

Mackenzie - Camhanach

Camhanach (Mackenzie)

A beautiful album by sisters Fiona, Gillian & Eilidh from Gress on the Isle of Lewis

Blair Douglas - A Summer in Skye

A Summer in Skye (Blair Douglas)

A hugely popular album, considered to be one of Blair's best.

Maeve MacKinnnon - Fo Smuain

Fo Smuain (Maeve MacKinnnon)

Maeve, from Barra, is wonderfully natural singer

Iain MacKay - Seòladh

Seòladh (Iain MacKay)

Wonderful traditional singing from the Isle of Lewis

Ishbel MacAskill - Sìoda

Sìoda (Ishbel MacAskill)

Ishbel MacAskill has long been regarded as one of the finest Gaelic singers in Scotland

Mary Ann Kennedy and Charlotte Petersen  - Strings Attached

Strings Attached (Mary Ann Kennedy and Charlotte Petersen )

This is a lovely album of Gaelic song and harp tunes AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD ONLY.

Blair Douglas - Beneath the Beret

Beneath the Beret (Blair Douglas)

Blair's second album

Skye the Island - An t-Eilean

An t-Eilean (Skye the Island)

Gaelic music and song from the Isle of Skye.

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